How We Work

VFX Supervising

You reached your limits at was is possible in camera or with location? You need on-set consulting and monitoring for your VFX driven Shots? The right evaluation and knowledge for visual effects technics will save money and time. We offer full care from preproduction to the finished product.

Visual Effects Work

The process of compositing several images to a new one means seamless merching of edges, colors and movement. Our experience is the key for images that doesn´t only merch in visuals but also in plot.

3D Art

Software is a window to all your dreams. The possibilities are going way beyond creating Environments, Creatures and realistic recreations. When you can use the tools your only limit is your mind. we literally make dreams come true. in aahm.. pixels.

Titel Design

Everyone is talking about it. Realy, not everybody talks about your story, cinematography or cast but everybody will say your products name. It´s important that the Look and Feel of your Film represents it´s content visually. it´s the opener, the moment, when stories get official. heavy grafiX will create you an mindblowing title sequence in 2D or 3D and even with flamboyant or decent opening animations. all you need.