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heavy grafiX is a German company which provides various services, including visual effects and motion graphics, marked by a high quality. heavy grafiX started in 2013 to aim not only at German broadcast services and commercial productions, but also at international ones. heavy grafiX is a freelance network owned and driven by Rudi Kirschen.


Our strength is flexibility and the huge variety of our skills. Our services reach from 2D screen designs, complex 3D simulations, unique main title sequences and educational graphics to full blown visual effects shots. Besides, we also offer a complete production of videos. Our talented members are gifted in photography, editing and matte painting. Their extensive views on realism, composition and visual trends pave the way to their successful work.

the anvil

hard forging and fine crafting.

Our logo is unique. The anvil is designed to achieve beauty in its own authentic existence, but does not lose function as a tool either. heavy grafiX stands for handcrafted graphical work being impossible to replace by anything else because of its exceptional touch between hard forging and fine crafting.

Our philosophy


heavy grafiX is a freelance network established in 2013. We provide visual effects work, motion design, all-in-one solutions for cooperate designs as well as the production of short films. We work hard and inexhaustibly to provide high quality services which exceed our esteemed customers’ expectations. Moreover, we keep developing new strategies and technical methods to fulfil our customers’ needs. We live for creativity because it is an incredible pleasure to be able to live your passion and share it with others.

Rudi Kirschen

Born 1991 in Marienberg, Germany, Rudi was lucky enough to be country bred. It was during his childhood that he started discovering his love for photography and film making. Ever since nothing stopped his passion for imagery. In 2012 he started studying “Digital Film Making” at the SAE lnstitute Leipzig. In addition he began his freelance career for his first broadcast production in 2013 resulting in the birth of heavy grafiX. The requests from several broadcasts and companies of film production increased steadily with every finished project. Thus Rudi was reinforced in his strong belief in The Magic of Thinking Big.

Compositing Artist
Motion Designer
Timelapse Camera