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ProSieben Galileo: 2057 - Wir sind 10 Milliarden
YouTube Felixba: Driving North
ZDF: Mensch Gorbatschow!
ZDFzeit: Corona - Pandemie ohne Ende?
ZDFzeit: Mein Herz, Mein Motor
Rudi Kirschen avatar painting

heavy grafiX
by Rudi Kirschen.

Rudi is a highly skilled and experienced Visual Effects Artist and Supervisor based in Leipzig, Germany. He has a passion for creating stunning and realistic visual effects that transport audiences to new worlds and enhance the overall viewing experience. He is well-versed in the field of VFX and has a wide range of experience working for all kinds of media. he brings his creative and technical skills to make documentaries and video productions more engaging and compelling for the audience. With his keen eye for detail and masterful use of the latest technology, Rudi is able to bring even the most complex and ambitious visions to life. He is known for his ability to think out of the box, bringing fresh and innovative ideas to the table. His skills in compositing, 3D modeling, and animation are truly unparalleled, making him a valuable asset to any film or video project. As a Visual Effects Supervisor, Rudi brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table, leading his team to deliver outstanding visual effects on time and on budget. Rudi’s portfolio speaks for his skills, he has been working on several TV shows, commercials and YouTube content, and has a proven track record.